Melisa and I took a trip around the country last year.

We had a grand time.  We saw her parents in Washington, my parents in Georgia, and my son, his wife and my grandson in Alabama.  We took quite a few pictures so they will be showing up here from time to time.  Here’s a bird picture Melisa took in Georgia.  I think it’s a thrush.  What do you think?

Photo by Melisa Lehman

On the way back we stopped in New Orleans.  I told the lady on my phone to find me a cheap hotel in the French Quarter.  She came back with one for Continue reading “Melisa and I took a trip around the country last year.”


The shot you see when you arrive here is a hummingbird on a branch just off of my deck in Rhododendron, Oregon.  I was using a Nikon D600, with available light and manual settings.