Melisa and I took a trip around the country last year.

We had a grand time.  We saw her parents in Washington, my parents in Georgia, and my son, his wife and my grandson in Alabama.  We took quite a few pictures so they will be showing up here from time to time.  Here’s a bird picture Melisa took in Georgia.  I think it’s a thrush.  What do you think?

Photo by Melisa Lehman

On the way back we stopped in New Orleans.  I told the lady on my phone to find me a cheap hotel in the French Quarter.  She came back with one for Continue reading “Melisa and I took a trip around the country last year.”

This is not becoming a weather rant blog…

That being said.  It’s still snowing and there’s ice mixed in.

My thoughts are more like a travel blog.  Go do cool things, take pictures, review destinations, and maybe even sell some of my pictures.  So today I’m venturing out on the deck to take some pictures.  Sad thing is I seem to be seeing things in the icicles.  Hopefully you will see them too. 🙂

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